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Here at The KS Experience, we believe that alleviating pain points for businesses shouldn't have to be a pain point all within itself.

No matter the roadblock, we are here to ensure you are supported, are set up for success, and most importantly that you enjoy the journey along the way. 

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What is The KS Experience?



The KS Experience can help with the smallest to the largest jobs.


Whether revamping or starting from scratch.


I am here to collaborate, create, and innovate with YOU!


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We have worked with Kristen for many years in both the social and corporate markets. 

She’s entirely focused on each project or event from inception to completion. Her personality and positivity is infectious and she takes ownership of each project that she engages. It’s personal to her and we love that! 

She’s also a great partner and full of ideas. Additionally, when we’ve hit roadblocks, she’s solutions-driven and is quick with the workarounds that have been vital to our events as they execute. 

She builds community and, in that community, fortifies her relationships as they matter above all else to her. That is why she is so well connected and can get things done!

We are always thrilled to collaborate with this powerhouse! 

Sarah Drake, Co-Owner Cole Drake Events