Pier 27 Showcase

Embarcadero, San Francisco

This project encompassed all of my favorite things:

venue project management, logistics, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and networking.

The Venue

54,000 square feet spread across 2 levels of urban canvas

The Goal

To put together a dream-team of sponsors and produce a Launch Party introducing Pier 27, of Metro Events, as the premier wedding destination venue located in San Francisco, California.



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The Process

Looking at the amount of space available, we decided to showcase many of the wonderful ways this expansive venue could be transformed, enlisting the collaborative efforts of 48 wedding industry leaders; splitting them amongst 12 different Mini-Showcases: 2 Ceremony Sites, 6 Catering Showcases, 3 Lounges, and 1 Bridal Suite.

It was very important to me that each sponsor have the creative freedom to showcase exactly what they wanted to, free from the restrictions of any client's vision. Sponsors were paired based on their chosen color scheme along with their own personal vision for the showcase.

We had 3 months to plan from beginning to end, starting during the height of wedding season and leading straight through the holiday season to follow. Since there were so many vendors and teams, and such limited time available for planning a fully-sponsored event, I organized our teams to communicate predominantly through OneNote, a cloud-based program where logistics + visuals could come together in harmony. 

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Event Day

Given the amount of install and layering between each vendors' work, I created a detailed Load In & Out Schedule based on the amount of time that every vendor needed. We spanned 2 days for the install and when all was said and done, it was a beautiful sight to behold! 

That evening, we welcomed over 250 wedding planners and industry partners from near and far. The evening was filled with joy & laughter, libations and treats, music & entertainment, and so much more.


I absolutely loved getting to collaborate with so many talented industry partners to showcase the numerous beautiful ways you could transform a cruise terminal by day into a timeless & chic wedding venue by night, all in the heart of San Francisco, 





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